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We're right there with you. Sunset. Sunrise. Golden Hour.
The most beautiful way to keep track of sunrise and sunset times.

Our Story

It started with a weekend getaway.

A planned hike was interrupted by weather conditions, forcing a pivot on the fly. Daylight played a crucial piece in determining the new hike. While we did manage to find the sunset time, and course correct our day accordingly, the application(s) used and overall experience was rigid and lacked elegance.

Surrounded by the beauty of nature during our new hike, I began to think up a solution to our hiccup earlier in the day…Thus, Terra Sol was hatched.

The Goal

Get more people outside.

Our overall mission is to get more people outside and, more specifically, to inspire the next generation of people who are passionate about exploring AND protecting our lands. Spending time outdoors has proven health benefits and fosters a deeper connection to the awesome, wild world out there. And we’re firm believers that people will only protect what they connect to and care about.

Getting more people outside really starts with access; access to land, but also to information about that land. We don’t think finding somewhere to camp should be such a time-consuming, convoluted and confusing process, which is why we started.

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